U.S. to support Ukraine, Baltic States in deterring Russian aggression 11/17/2017 17:30:53. Total views 919. Views today — 0.

The U.S. Senate is about to offer support to the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, specifically Ukraine, in order to deter the Russian aggression. Respective mentions may be found in the National Defence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018, released on the Congress’s website, - 112.ua reports.

The law offers to assign money for that purpose; in the particular case with Ukraine. The bill states that in case of circumstances of insuperable force, the U.S. would count on bringing their troops across the Atlantic to deploy them in Europe. It also insists on holding military exercises, where new technologies are tested and operative plans are implemented and corrected. It is also a deterrent factor to the enemy by demonstrating military potential.

"In order to strengthen the European Deterrence Initiative and strengthen the containment of Russian aggression, the United States, together with allies and other European partners, must demonstrate its determination and ability to fulfill its obligations under Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty through appropriate military exercises with paying special attention to the participation of United States forces based in the continental United States and verification of operational capabilities in the field of logistics and transport", - the document said.

As previously reported, the U.S. Senate approved the draft law "On the U.S. budget for 2018 on the needs of national defence", which provides for the allocation of $350 million to provide security assistance to Ukraine.