Hero of Ukraine became the new commander of the ATO forces 11/09/2017 13:00:42. Total views 816. Views today — 0.

Lieutenant-General Mykhailo Zabrodsky, commander of the landing and assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, became the new commander of the ATO forces. The speaker of the Ministry of Defence Andriy Lysenko has told this LIGA.net.

Answering the question, he specified that this was a "scheduled rotation".

Previously, Lieutenant-General Oleksandr Lokota, first deputy commander of the Land Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, had occupied the post of the commander of the ATO forces.

According to the publication, two brigades - the 25th airborne assault landing brigade and the 79th air assault landing force brigade - entered the area of the Donbass line of delineation.

Lysenko also clarified that now there are only two directions in the ATO zone. "There has been some reformatting", - he said.

From now on, the Donetsk direction of the front is divided between two flanking sectors - Luhansk and Mariupol.

Mykhailo Zabrodsky - Hero of Ukraine, planned actions of the ATO forces when blocking Sloviansk and Kramatorsk in 2014. He commanded the 95th Airmobile Brigade. The fighters and officers of his brigade have many combat merits - mount Karachun, Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, a raid on the enemy's rear and many other successful military operations.