The Ukrainian Armed Forces battalion commander said there was no fire at ammunition depot in the ATO zone 11/06/2017 18:08:18. Total views 736. Views today — 0.

The command of the "DNR" spread false information about the fire at the Ukrainian ammunition depot in Opytne near Donetsk airport on Sunday. This was reported to OstroV by the battalion commander, who is responsible for that area.

Separatist media announced that allegedly "there was a fire at ammunition depot in the territory of the military unit (42 battalion, 57 brigade) of the Armed Forces because of the violation of security measures while storing ammunition".

To clarify this information, OstroV contacted the commander of the 57th Brigade, who actually serves in Opytne.

According to the battalion commander's information, the report on the fire is completely untrue. "The warehouse was not burning", - he commented on the fake information.

The battalion commander drew attention to the fact that a fire report appeared six minutes after the terrorists began shelling the positions of the neighboring brigade from Grad. "The 25th brigade was fired from Grad. Opytne was not a target at all", - the battalion commander emphasized. The only explanation for this misinformation, in his opinion, could be separatists’ attempt to hide the fact that they violated the Minsk Agreements.

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According to OstroV, the video of the alleged fire in the depot of the Armed Forces, which they titled "The ammunition depot in Opytne is burning" is also a fake. In fact, it is a video of fire in the militants’ warehouse near Spartak, where they began to take ammunition two days ago, according to Ukrainian intelligence.