"We pay even for the cotton wool". The residents of Donetsk rubbed Zakharchenko's nose in his lie about free health care in the "DNR" 11/02/2017 15:16:58. Total views 858. Views today — 0.

The residents of Donetsk have directly accused the leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko of lying about free health care in the "republic". Unpleasant for the militant question was voiced during the so-called online conference with the people.

A resident of Donetsk, Svitlana, took on faith the stories of the "DNR" leadership about providing free health care to the residents of the Donetsk oblast from the territory, controlled by Ukrainian authorities. She was outraged that against the background of statements about free health care to the entire Donbass, the residents of the occupied Donbass should pay for everything, starting from medicaments to wound and cut management materials.

"Dear Alexander Zakharchenko, I will voice the question that worries not only me, but the entire population of the DNR. This is about the program on the reunification of the Donbass people. A lot of people come to us for treatment from that side and… it is absolutely free, everything is for them. And what do we, the residents, who did not leave their cities for a day, were under bombardment, lost their homes and relatives, have? Why should we pay even for the cotton wool in hospitals? Why they come to us to labor and are allocated VIP wards, and we must officially pay at the desk for it? Why are not our people being taken even for attendance in oncology without money, and they are operated. Why are our children being treated for money, children who were sitting in the cellars, and their children are treated for free?", - the resident of occupied Donetsk, who knew the problem not from the separatist media, was indignant.

"This question is quite discussed in social networks and the people are outraged. This is a discrimination of our people against the people, living on the other side. Where, then, does the medical aid go, if there is even a need to have your own medical alcohol in the hospital?", - Svitlana continued.

In response, the leader of the "DNR" began to argue that "single nation lives on this and on that side of the front line" and called the author of the issue to understand that the residents of free Ukraine are provided with "at least a little help" by the occupation authorities of the "DNR". "Remember: we are single nation and our sacred duty is to help", - Zakharchenko pathetically rode off on a side issue.

Then, he began to prove to the woman, paying for everything in the hospital, that "the medicine in the Republic is free" and asked her to report all the facts of "call for funds or medicaments" to the hotline of the "Ministry of Health". At the end of his answer, he urged Svitlana not to believe the rumors, spread about extortions in the "republican" medical institutions. Allegedly, this is all the "information war".