It was boasted in the "DNR" that the old of the "republic" have minimum pension, enough for everything 10/30/2017 12:18:40. Total views 698. Views today — 1.

The self-described "Minister of Income and Charges of the DNR" Alexander Timofieyev ("Tashkent") has stated that minimum pension, paid by the occupation authorities, meets all the most necessary needs of the elderly in plenty. He told about this on the air of one of the separatist TV channels.

According to him, $15 is not enough in Ukraine to achieve the "republican" standard of well-being of pensioners with a minimum pension.

"The minimum pension… We took the food basket of Ukraine, this is not our, but Ukrainian calculation. And they calculated that their minimum pensions, if to be paid, well then, it includes housing and public utilities, buying the minimum food, so they got minus $15", - "Tashkent" counted, boasting that the "DNR" pensioners still have some money from the minimum pension after paying all of the abovementioned.

"We calculated the same for us, and we have a plus, I do not say that you can go to the Canary Islands with this money, but people have a plus", - he stated.

As previously reported, after the increase in the "DNR" pensions by 5%, the minimum payment is $45.

The falsity of statements of the "Minister of Income" is daily denied by hundreds of pensioners who, unable to survive on (not only the minimal!) pension from the "DNR", go to the free territory of Ukraine and receive social security there. Furthermore, senior citizens from the zone of occupation bring food and manufactured goods, bought at lower prices in Ukrainian stores, from "pension tours".