The "DNR" militants closed the road, leading to the occupied village 10/20/2017 17:51:41. Total views 710. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" militants have closed the road, leading to occupied Boykivske (formerly Telmanove) village, passing only the locals.

Users of social networks write about this (orthography and punctuation of authors are left):

"The road is closed in Telmanove again?"


"What is with the exit road? Do they pass by now?"

"We also returned back… they did not pass"

"it turns out… they passed with the local residence permit and for work (who works there) we had to go to our aunt in Svobodne they did not pass"

"Passport control again, they walked the houses again, but this time, they copied contacts from all mobile phones…"

It was reported in early October that in occupied Boykivske (formerly Telmanove) village, the militants carried out a census of residents by houses, checked stores and organizations, having completely closed the settlement for entry and exit.

According to the media reports, the occupation "authorities" of CDDO deployed a large-scale campaign to "nationalize" land, equipment and agricultural products in the villages that are under the militants' control.