Militant Khodakovsky intends to participate in the "election" of the "DNR" leader 10/19/2017 14:41:40. Total views 1340. Views today — 0.

The creator of the terrorist battalion Vostok, the traitor to the Motherland, Alexander Khodakovsky, intends to nominate himself for some "election" of the head of the "DNR". He wrote about this in a social network.

"Of course, I will nominate myself for the post of the DNR head, because if I do not do it, my supporters will not understand me. They will consider that I betrayed them. When you go beyond the ordinary circle, you do not belong to yourself anymore", - he said pathetically.

He foresees that his participation in the "elections" will be complicated by the current ringleaders of the "republic".

"If they believe in their superiority and ability to win relatively honestly, having money and power today - then I will live up to the elections, quietly register as a candidate, and I will take part in the process, which will determine the result", - Khodakovsky promises.

As reported earlier, the current leader of the "DNR" stated that he "agreed" with the proposal of the members of the ruling on the occupied territory “party” "Donetsk republic" to nominate his candidacy for the “election” in 2018.

Alexander Khodakovsky is a former employee of the SBU, he betrayed the oath and from the first days of the Russian hybrid war against Ukraine became one of the leaders of the Donbass terrorists. He created and led the Vostok battalion. Currently, he is moved away from all official posts in the "DNR". Now he is in the confrontation with the so-called "head of the republic" Alexander Zakharchenko. He stands for an idea of Donbass accession to Russia, but his approach to this matter does not find understanding in the Russian Federation.