"Defenсe that turns into offensive". The "DNR" leader bragged about conducting large-scale exercises 10/11/2017 10:20:44. Total views 750. Views today — 0.

Military exercises, which surpassed by their scale all such events, held by Ukraine over the past 10 years, were held in the "DNR". The leader of the "republic" Alexander Zakharchenko made such statement in an interview with propaganda Russian Ukraina.ru.

"Two brigades are training, we have all simulated situations that are necessary — with an assault crossing, with a counterattack, with a defence that turns into offensive", - the militant boasted.

"There are 1200 units of military equipment, this is more than seven thousand people. There were no such exercises in Ukraine for ten years", - the "DNR" leader stated.

According to the militant, the illegal paramilitary forces of the "DNR" are ready to go on the offensive at any time and dislodge Ukrainian troops from the Donbass, but as the head of the republic, he must try to avoid unnecessary casualties.

"If you work as the head of state, the commander, you should think about the value of matter, that you will have to look into the eyes of mothers of the dead. Taking each settlement means hundreds and sometimes thousands of victims", - Zakharchenko admitted.