Media reported the death of a criminal leader in Horlivka. The "DNR" was silent about the road traffic accident for five days (PHOTO) 10/10/2017 15:42:22. Total views 720. Views today — 1.

Criminal leader Igor Yumatov died in a road traffic accident at the exit from occupied Horlivka. Dialog writes about this.

His 11-year-old adopted son died together with the driver.

It is noted that Yumatov was known in crime rings as one of the "code-bound criminals". It is reported that residents of occupied Horlivka do not believe in the accidental accident version, since they believe that the militants specially "removed" Yumatov and the road accident was contrived in order to kill the criminal leader that has become unwelcome for local authorities.

It is revealing that the "DNR" authorities did not report the fatal accident that occurred on October 6 for five days. Only on Tuesday, the so-called "traffic police of the DNR MIA" confirmed the fact of death of the foreign car's driver and his son on the road from occupied Horlivka.

"According to the preliminary version, the 51-year-old driver of Lexus went over the speed limit and lost control, so the car turned over, the driver and the teenage passenger were thrown from the passenger compartment to the roadway. As a result of the road traffic accident, the 11-year-old child passenger died at the scene of accident, the driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition, where he died from injuries", - the report said.

The name of deceased is not mentioned in the report of the fake traffic police. However, photo from the place of Yumatov's death clearly shows that he smashed in Lexus.