20 assembled buses with the logo "Donbass" were brought to occupied Donetsk from Russia - social networks 10/10/2017 13:25:32. Total views 737. Views today — 0.

About 20 white buses with the number plates of the Russian Federation and the logo "Donbass" entered the occupied Donetsk. Residents of the Donetsk oblast write this in social networks.

"In the morning, a column of white buses (about 20) with the logo "Donbass” entered Donetsk from the side of Makiivka. They have number plates of 52 region of Russia", - users write.

Car plates of the 52 region of the Russian Federation are issued in the Nizhny Novgorod region, where the Pavlovsky Bus Plant operates, which produces the famous type of buses.

As OstroV reported, in August 2017 the terrorist "DNR" presented two buses allegedly of its "own production". In fact, they turned out to be Russian buses of "large-scale assembly", on which the "republican" logo "Donbass" was simply placed.

It is possible that after a while the authorities of the "DNR" will say that the Donetsk machine-building plant "assembled" the next batch of "domestic" buses.