Rada did launch a judicial reform 10/03/2017 15:03:55. Total views 857. Views today — 0.

The Verkhovna Rada has passed a law that launches judicial reform in Ukraine (the Law on Amendments to the Economic Procedural Code, Civil Procedural Code and Code of Administrative Justice of Ukraine and other legislative acts), - correspondent of OstroV reports.

234 people's deputies voted for the relevant decision.

According to the explanatory note, the top-priority change, which is reflected in all procedural codes, is the introduction of effective protection of the rights of a person, applying to the court, as the prevailing task of legal proceedings. The main changes can be divided into several blocks:

- Effective protection of rights as the prevailing task of legal proceedings,

- Competitiveness, disposability and proportionality as the basis of legal proceedings,

- New rules of jurisdiction and arbitrability,

- Expansion of the evidence of practice, effective mechanisms for providing evidence and lawsuits,

- Simplification and speed-up of consideration of simple cases,

- Providing of thorough preparation and consideration of complex cases,

- Consideration of case within a reasonable times, providing of legal certainty,

- Mechanisms to prevent the abuse of process,

- Effective compensation of cost,

- Introduction of an "e-court",

- Support of international commercial arbitration and arbitration court by the court,

- Rules for the consideration of cases by the Supreme Court,

- Professional and responsible representation in legal proceedings,

- Other changes and peculiarities of the rules of legal proceedings.

The bill 6232 was considered by the parliament for the longest time - people's deputies considered 4383 amendments over almost seven plenary days.