The "DNR" announced detention of those who attempted "Tashkent". They were "militiamen" from the "LNR" 10/02/2017 13:30:16. Total views 949. Views today — 0.

Detention of two persons, suspected of involvement in the undermining of car of the "Minister of Revenue and Duties of the DNR" Alexander Timofieyev, was announced in the "DNR". This was stated in the so-called "Ministry of State Security of the republic".

"Both are not residents of Donetsk. These individuals were recruited by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine", - the statement said.

The fake "Ministry of State Security" does not name the detainees, however, the separatist media, referring to sources in the "department", state that they are residents of Luhansk Igor Yevtiushyn and Denis Derpishyn.

"Law enforcement officials" of the so-called "LNR" put them on the wanted list in the "LNR" last year for committing robbery with the use of firearms.

It is revealing that according to the "Prosecutor General's Office of the LNR", both Yevtiushyn and Derpishyn were "servicemen of the people's militia of the "LNR" some time ago.

As previously reported, on September 23, the separatist media reported that at about 08.30 an attempt was made to "assassinate" the "deputy head of the People's Council, the Minister of Revenue and Duties of the DNR", Alexander Timofieyev ("Tashkent") by undermining his car. Initially, it was reported that "Tashkent" was seriously wounded, then it turned out that after the explosion of two powerful devices, the he did not suffer at all.

Information Resistance group stated that the "assassination" of the so-called "Minister of Revenue and Duties of the DNR" Alexander Timofieyev, aka "Tashkent", was initiated by himself in occupied Donetsk.