Frontline Marinka was shelled by the militants: 7 residential buildings were damaged 09/25/2017 19:17:48. Total views 761. Views today — 0.

Frontline Marinka was shelled by the militants. As a result, 7 residential buildings were damaged. This is reported by the Department of Communication of the national police headquarters in the Donetsk oblast.

The shelling occurred around 16.20. The streets of Prokofiev, Oktiabrskaya and adjoining to them suffered. For the time being, it is known about 7 damaged houses.

Employees of Marinka police department, headed by the head of the branch Hennadiy Dehtiariov, work on the scene.

"Too many "arrivals", shells fell into houses, outbuildings and vegetable gardens. There were 8 arrivals only at the same address. There are unexploded shells. Nobody was hurt by a miracle", - Hennadiy Dehtiariov reports play-by-play.

The police continue to check the affected area.

Information about the victims and the destruction is being specified.