Khodakovsky states that Pushilin was removed from the leadership of the "Donetsk republic" 09/19/2017 12:32:48. Total views 948. Views today — 0.

The founder of the Vostok terrorist battalion Alexander Khodakovsky said that Denis Pushilin was removed from the leading post of the so-called public movement "Donetsk republic". The militant wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"Pushilin was removed from the Donetsk Republic public movement, he wasn’t let to the speaker's stand on the City Day celebrations, the mayors were forbidden to invite him to the events. It all seems so weird", - Khodakovsky reports.

At the same time, Denis Pushilin is still indicated as "the head of the central executive committee of the public movement Donetsk Republic" on the website of the ruling party of the "DNR".