"Tashkent" sets bag for the office of leader of the "DNR" with the help of Zakharchenko's adviser – separatist Dolgov 09/12/2017 14:41:52. Total views 689. Views today — 0.

Alexander Timofieyev, who identifies himself as the "vice prime minister of the DNR's economy" and the "minister of incomes and fees", intends to replace Alexander Zakharchenko as the leader of the "DNR". This prediction is made by Kharkiv separatist and, until recently, active propagandist of the "DNR" Konstantin Dolgov in the social network.

"For this purpose, "Tashkent"(call sign Timofieyev) increases financing of the controlled media by times. The task is one - to promote the boss", - Dolgov writes.

According to him, his friend - the Russian "image" adviser Alexander Kazakov - actively helps "Tashkent" in the implementation of these plans.

"For the time of his work as an adviser, Kazakov managed to down the rating of the DNR head from 80% to 23%", - Dolgov writes.

As it was previously reported, Kharkiv separatist Konstantin Dolgov stated that he ends his propaganda activities in the "DNR" as his projects are no longer being financed.