Miners, striking against salary delay for months, were dismissed in occupied Makeyevka 01/14/2016 20:15:35. Total views 1103. Views today — 0.

Miners of the Kholodnaya balka mine in the occupied Makeyevka went on protest against the salary delay for months - reports Segodnya.

"At first the 1st and 2nd shifts went on strike, then the 3rd one. They went to the mine, they were given 4 thousand rubles - and that's it - told local residents. – The director said to everyone who went on strike: "Dismissal!". They will dismiss 120 people. And there is an order for other mines not to take people from this or that mine of Makeyevugol. Komunarskiya and Shchegolovskaya mines do not take but they pay some money. The director of the Progress mine sais that those, who will go on strike, will be regarded as a saboteur!"

Makeyevka residents say that after previous protests against the non-payment of the salaries last fall, several activists of Yasinovskaya-Glubokaya mine put "in the basement" of the "DPR" militants.