The "LNR" militants also issued an order not to interfere with the activities of the OSCE observers 09/05/2017 12:55:07. Total views 1600. Views today — 0.

"Command of militants of the "LNR People's Militia" has issued an order "on the provision of untrammeled activity of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) observers by the military". This is reported by the LITS separatist agency.

According to the report, the order "was brought to the notice of every serviceman until August 29 and was officially distributed by the media today".

"On all the cases of unjustified restriction of actions of the SMM observers, report to the senior officer on duty immediately, carry out a strict investigation with punishment of the guilty officials, including dismissal from the LNR People's Militia", - the order says.

The order for "commanders of the people's militia detachments" indicates, inter alia, "to exclude provocative actions of personnel against representatives of the OSCE SMM, to ensure safe and reliable access of the Mission's representatives to fulfill their mandate; to exclude the travel restrictions of the Mission's representatives on all the roads in fixed areas of responsibility; to ensure the inviolability of Mission's representatives in the course of their work".

As it was reported, a similar order was issued by the "command" of the "DNR" militants.