Workers of Donetskkoks, grabbed by militants, were given "explanations" and pasta instead of wages 08/29/2017 14:33:23. Total views 783. Views today — 0.

Employees of Donetskkoks enterprise, grabbed by the occupants from the Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov, were given a non-recurrent help in the form of food packages instead of wages. This is reported by the separatist media.

It is noted that 74 packages, "which comprise sunflower oil, flour, cereals, canned food, pasta and many other things", were allocated as assistance.

"As it is known, external management was introduced at a number of enterprises… We understand that now it is difficult for the employees of the enterprise, nevertheless, they treat this situation with understanding. The situation is not simple at this enterprise, the transition period is going on, therefore The Donetsk Republic social movement… has supported the staff of Donetskkoks", said Olga Pozdniakova, self-described as "the head of the special headquarters for the transfer of enterprises under Ukrainian jurisdiction to external management".

Judging by the report, the workers were not satisfied with non-recurrent issuance of food rations - they were interested in the issues of stable operation of the enterprise and the prospects for receiving wages. "During the event, employees of the state-owned enterprise received a number of questions concerning wages and workflow", - the separatist media told. Further it is noted that the coke chemists "were given detailed explanations" for all these questions.

As OstroV reported, the fake "DNR" admitted that it is not able to run Donetskkoks plant, confiscated from Metinvest, since, according to it, the legal owner "cut out the coke-oven battery".