Reckless competition between opposition and authorities turns into an aiding the aggressor – Poroshenko 08/23/2017 11:26:30. Total views 799. Views today — 0.

Reckless competition between opposition and authorities under the conditions of war unconsciously turns into an aiding the aggressor. Such a statement was made by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during the solemn ceremony of raising the national flag on Sofiyska Square in Kyiv.

He stated that he considers his main task "the struggle for unity, solidarity and consolidation of various political forces for the sake of national interest".

The head of state admitted that he is not quite successful in it. "Unfortunately, either because of selfishness or political color blindness, not all the politicians are able to discern that there are red lines in the internal struggle that are strictly forbidden to cross under the conditions of external aggression. Because a competition of opposition with authorities, which is in the nature of democracy, turns behind them into an aiding the aggressor, even if it is unconscious, as a gift to the general staff of the enemy's country", - Poroshenko said.

Flag Day is being celebrated in Ukraine today.