Firefighters work around the clock in the Donetsk oblast 08/21/2017 16:36:26. Total views 872. Views today — 1.

Firefighters work around the clock in the Donetsk oblast because of the emergency level of fire danger. The head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Pavlo Zhebrivsky wrote this on his Facebook page.

It is the fourth week of an emergency level of fire danger. According to the head of the State Emergency Management Department in the Donetsk oblast Mykola Ilchenko, everything burns: fields, forest belts, even platoon strongpoints.

Rescuers mobilized all their resources and reserves, attract agricultural and communal enterprises to bring water to extinguish fires. If there are several fires in different places at the same time, firefighters are sent to where the fire is greatest, or it can endanger people's lives.

"Fire trucks do not stay in garages, they are actually working around the clock", - Ilchenko said.

Since the beginning of the year, 82 fires have occurred in the ecosystems of the region on an area of ​​342.91 hectares (last year - 387 fires in the area of ​​598.3 hectares). In general, 3147 fires were registered in the Donetsk oblast since the beginning of the year (in 2016 this figure was 2683).