Thursday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 08/18/2017 10:49:49. Total views 844. Views today — 0.

"Operational command of the DNR": "Per calendar day, three servicemen of the DNR armed forces were killed as a result of shelling by Ukrainian security officials".

"Deputy Commander of the DNR operational command" Eduard Basurin: "Film crew of the TV Centr Russian TV channel was under fire from the Ukrainian security officials near Holmivskyi settlement in the north of Horlivka. As a result of the incident, Russian journalists did not suffer".

Media: "Two children in the LNR, who were injured in Sverdlovsk as a result of detonation, were transferred to Luhansk Republican Children's Clinical Hospital. Their condition is critical, but stable".

"The LNR Council of Ministers": "The LNR Council of Ministers obliged heavy transporters to cross the border of the republic only through "Dovzhansky" Multidirectional Automobile Border Crossing Point".

"The LNR MIA": "Employees of the Internal Security Directorate of the LNR MIA detained two policemen of Perevalskyi District Department of the Interior upon taking $845 bribe from the person, involved in the criminal case for not bringing him to the criminal responsibility".

"The LNR MIA": "A statement of an unknown person by the phone about the alleged mining of the Luhansk City Administration, located along Kotsiubynskoho Street, 14, turned out to be false".

"Director General of Donetskstandartmetrologia state-owned enterprise" Ruslan Krivich: "As of today, 20 enterprises of the DNR have been issued 40 certificates of quality "The Donbass Standard".

Media: "The DNR invited residents of the whole Donbass to worship in temples of the republic on the occasion of the Transfiguration Day".

"The Ministry of Education of the DNR": "In the DNR, an expert board has been created to assign and confirm the labels of the Ministry of Education and Science, indicating the suitability of benefits for use in the educational process. Deputy head of the Ministry of Education and Science Irina Simonova has been appointed chairman. The first meeting was held in Donetsk on August 17".

Media: "About 40 participants from the territory of Donbass, controlled by Kyiv, came to the women's forum in the DNR".

Media: "School uniform was issued in the LNR for first-graders of Alchevsk. The education department reported that 720 sets were sewn, 624 were issued. The remaining suits are waiting for the children who are on the health improvement outside Alchevsk".

Media: "The republican competition of choreographic art in the DNR collected 17 applications from the dancers of the DNR and the LNR".

Media: "The LNR military court sentenced two citizens to 2.5 years in prison for ammunition trafficking".

Media: "The LNR military court sentenced a resident of the republic to 13 years in prison for divulging the LNR state secrets".

Media: "Since the beginning of the year, the LNR courts have fined violators of passenger transportation for more than $17 thousand".