Armed militants of the "DPR" came to Akhmetov’s Donetskoblenergo and required re-registration in the "republic" 01/13/2016 22:16:43. Total views 1085. Views today — 0.

Armed members of the self-proclaimed "DPR" came to the DTEK Donetskoblenergo company, located in Donetsk on the territory temporarily uncontrolled by Ukraine in Donetsk region and demanded the administration to re-register immediately documents in the "DPR". This was reported by a source of OstroV in Donetsk.

Armed bandits gave the company's management time "until Thursday", otherwise threatened to "nationalize" the objects of the DTEK-Donetskoblenergo PJSC.

OstroV expects official comment from the management of DTEK.

OstroV reported earlier that representatives of the so-called "Ministry of Coal and Energy" of the "DPR" Dubovskaya, Polyakov and Ilyashev gathered on the premises of "the ministry" (33 Rosa Luxemburg Street) leaders of DTEK Donetskoblenergo PJSC located on the temporarily uncontrolled territory and informed them of the necessity of cooperation with representatives of the "DPR" and subordination to the structures of the fake "republic" in early January.