Switch to digital TV in Ukraine was postponed until the spring of 2018 08/11/2017 12:16:56. Total views 991. Views today — 0.

The government has made a decision on the phased analogue TV broadcasting with a deadline on March 30, 2018. This is stated in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No 563 of July 19, 2017 "On Amending Section I of the Plan for Using the Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine", - UNIAN reports.

In particular, the words "June 30, 2017" were replaced by the numbers and the words "March 30, 2018" in the corresponding column.

As it is noted, the decision was made to prevent violation of the rights of citizens for free access to information. "The adoption of this decision will allow holding a detailed information campaign to connect the population to digital networks and expanding coverage of the territory of Ukraine with a digital signal", - the Cabinet of Ministers explains.

In December 2006, Ukraine signed "Geneva-2006" memorandum, which provided for a complete switch from analogue to digital TV and radio broadcasting in the country till June 2015. It was assumed that after the end of this period, analogue broadcasting loses its status, and its use becomes possible only if there is no radio interference with the reception of digital television and radio broadcasting in neighboring countries. However, in June 2015, the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council decided to postpone the switch to digital TV.

In April 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to postpone the full switch to digital TV in Ukraine for one year because of the opaque activities of the digital terrestrial television network operator - Zeonbud private company, which occupies monopoly position in the market.