Russia gives the "LNR" less money for pensions and social benefits than the "DNR". The "republic" is unhappy - Tymchuk 08/07/2017 13:00:12. Total views 826. Views today — 1.

The "LNR" leadership has expressed its claims to Russian curators regarding the further reduction of funding from the Russian Federation to the "social dimension", so that the amount of pensions and social benefits in the "LNR" continues to decrease even in comparison with the "DNR". This was written on Facebook by the coordinator of the Information Resistance Dmytro Tymchuk.

So, the minimum pension in the "LNR" is $41 at the beginning of August, which is $2 less than in the "DNR", and cash payments to disabled people are $33 against $35 in the "DNR".

Moreover, the "LNR pension fund" states that it has received less money from the Russian Federation, as it is stipulated by the "2017 budget" (the funds have not been transferred since May 2017 for a number of social payments).

"Funding" of "social dimension" of the "LDNR" is carried out through the Fund for the Support of International Humanitarian Projects (Moscow, Pyzhevskiy Lane 5/1, TIN 7706431844, President - A. Trishyn, formal founder of the fund – OOO Bank for International Settlements), supervised by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation", - the source said.