The Airborne Forces Day: in Moscow, a drunk man in the Oplot T-shirt promised to "invade Ukraine" and hit the journalist (VIDEO) 08/02/2017 16:51:08. Total views 1095. Views today — 0.

A drunk man in the T-shirt of the Oplot terrorist organization attacked a correspondent of NTV channel on the air during a report about the professional holiday of Russian Airborne Troops.

The journalist was talking about celebrations of the Day of Airborne Forces in Moscow. When the journalist was leading the story, an unknown man appeared near him and started saying "My country…. Will invade Ukraine…" and swearing. The journalist told him: "Stop talking, please". The next moment, the unknown man punched the journalist in the face while saying: "You don't talk to me like that, or if you do, you'll get more!"

As reported by the Russian Interfax, referring to the press service of the Moscow Police Headquarters, the suspect was detained and taken to the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for further investigation. The police assure that the attacker has nothing to do with Airborne Forces.