The "LNR" recognized the shortage of scientific and pedagogical staff in the clones of "seized" universities 08/02/2017 14:48:44. Total views 767. Views today — 0.

The separatist clone of the Luhansk National Shevchenko University "recognized the shortage of scientific and pedagogical personnel and technical personnel", - Yulia Zarutskaya, "the chairman of the primary trade union organization of the university staff, said at a briefing", - the separatist media reported.

She noted that a number of vacancies for the teaching and other positions are now open at the "university".

"We are inviting the residents of the temporarily controlled by Ukraine territories of Luhansk oblast to work ...", - she said.

According to the "trade union chairman", the “university” needs workers in the administrative, economic, repair, construction and security departments.

However, there is a need for scientific and pedagogical staff as well - philologists, psychologists and teachers.