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Media: "The authorities of the DPR are ready to provide security for the visit of the US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker. This was reported by the chairman of the People's Council of the DNR Denis Pushylin. "We see the initiative of the new US administration to pay more attention to the conflict in the Donbass and the Minsk format. In order to objectively assess what is happening, you need to visit not only the territory controlled by Ukraine, but also talk with our people in Donetsk and Luhansk, with the leadership and make decisions then. We are ready to build all the elements of security for his (Volker's) arrival", - Pusylin said".

Media: "The monument for Horlivka residents perished in the course of armed hostilities was solemnly opened today in Horlivka".

Media: "No one gave the authority to express the will of the people of the republic to the deputy of the Luhansk regional council Arsen Klinchaev, who had fled from the LNR in 2014. This was stated by the chairman of the People's Council of the LNR Vladimir Degtiarenko. According to him, on July 24, Klinthaev took part in the "Time will show" TV program on the Russian First Channel. He introduced himself as chairman of the "Young Guard" social movement of the LNR. "Where was he in the summer of 2014 and in the autumn of 2014? It was probably the worst autumn in our life, when we were preparing the republic for the winter, the war-torn republic – where was he at that time?", - Degtiarenko said. "He now sits in Moscow, speaks in the studio, we all know perfectly well that Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, at what expense does he live there? Of course, they had been robbed the Luhansk oblast for 20 years, now they have something to live for", - Degtiarenko noted.

"The DNR Ministry of Emergency Situations": "Sixty-seventh humanitarian convoy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia delivered 260 tons of baby food to Donetsk. There are fruits, vegetables, meat purees, juices, infant formulas and other. The food kits are intended for children up to one year and from one year to three years. Moreover, the humanitarian aid also includes about 30 tons of medical equipment and special cargo for the ministries and departments of the republic".

"The DNR Ministry of Coal and Energy": "The reconstruction of the high-voltage power transmission line between Yuznaya 330 kV (the DNR) and Shterovskaya GRES-110 kV (the LNR) substations has been completed. This will ensure a reliable transit of electricity between the two republics. The total length of the restored power lines is about 12 km".

Media: "On July 31, Fair Aid international non-governmental organization will send seven seriously ill children from the DNR to the Russian Federation for treatment. This was reported today by the authorized representative of the Donetsk office of the organization Tatiana Svetlichnaya".

"The DNR Ministry of Education and Science": "The Ukrainian authorities intentionally prevent residents of the part of the Donetsk oblast, controlled by Kyiv, and other regions of the country from getting an education in the DNR. The most common method of Ukrainian officials is the massive spoilage of school certificates, in which mistakes in the names and surnames of graduates are made intentionally".

Media: "Providing all the first-graders of the LNR with a school uniform at the expense of state is an unprecedented initiative. This was stated by the Acting Minister of Education and Science of the LNR Sergei Tsemkalo. "I must say that I have not yet seen such cases even in international practice", - Tsemkalo said".