Saakashvili lost Ukrainian citizenship because of "false data" 07/27/2017 12:13:37. Total views 1187. Views today — 4.

The former head of the Odessa Regional State Administration and former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili has lost Ukrainian citizenship. This is reported by TSN with reference to the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

The department noted that Saakashvili lost citizenship on the basis of P.2 of Art.19 of the Law "On Citizenship", namely – on the basis of false data, specified in the form. The documents that were filled in by the former chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration indicated that he was not under investigation in Ukraine or abroad, but it is known that Saakashvili was arrested in absentia in the territory of Georgia.

The migration service notes that the People's Deputy Andriy Lozovyi sent a request to the GPOU concerning the citizenship of Saakashvili, and the prosecutor's office appealed to the service. The Citizenship Commission made the relevant decision upon the request.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had earlier granted Ukrainian citizenship to Saakashvili by his decree at the end of May 2015. On the eve of receiving the Ukrainian passport, he was appointed chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration. He was deprived of Georgian citizenship in December 2015.

Saakashvili worked for a year and a half, after what he announced resignation, accusing the president of not keeping promises and moving "old corrupt officials" to senior positions in the regional administrations. At the same time, the former president of Georgia announced the creation of his own political force, with which he will go to the election to the Ukrainian parliament.