14 bodies of Russian military were brought from Syria to occupied Crimea 12/02/2015 14:45:22. Total views 1366. Views today — 0.

Fourteen bodies of Russian military, who died in Syria, were brought in November to Crimea, temporally occupied by Russian. This is stated in the report of General Directorate of Intelligence of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the situation in the Syria conflict as of December 2nd.

"Command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continues to hide the facts of the death of Russian soldiers in the fighting in Syria. During November in Novofedorivka and Feodosia (the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea) the bodies of four (military of air echelon and engineering staff) and 10 (marines) dead soldiers were delivered, they took part in the fighting in the Syrian conflict", - noted the Directorate of Intelligence.