US Special Representative for Ukraine is sure that Russia's aggression is in the Donbass 07/24/2017 10:55:10. Total views 894. Views today — 0.

The USA considers the conflict in the territory of Donbass as Russia's aggression, and not as an internal civil confrontation. This was stated by the US special representative Kurt Volker during a briefing in Kramatorsk - LIGA reports.

Being asked by the journalist whether the USA realized that there is no civil conflict in Ukraine, but the aggression of a neighbouring state, Volker replied: "Yes, we understand this. We saw how this conflict had begun, we saw how this conflict was controlled, we want the USA to be more involved in its solution, we want to develop a strategic understanding of this conflict in order to be able to move forward and restore the territory".

Volker, who is on a visit to the ATO zone, had earlier called the conflict in the Donbass a "hot war", and not a frozen conflict.