Monday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 07/18/2017 11:50:02. Total views 755. Views today — 2.

"Operational command of the DNR": "In the evening of July 17, the Ukrainian army shelled northern part of Donetsk. A residential house burned down as a result of a direct mine hit. A fire was also noted in Spartak village in the northern suburbs of the capital. The area of the capital's railway station was also shelled by Ukrainian units".

Media: "A mourning rally on the occasion of the third anniversary of the NH17 plane tragedy took place in Hrabove village in the east of the DNR. Five hundred inhabitants of the republic honored the memory of the victims by a minute of silence. Residents came with posters "Ukraine, admit your guilt", "Give us true information". The residents also laid flowers near the memorial, which was installed on the site of the tragedy".

"The Emergencies Ministry of the LNR": "On July 15, at about 8:30 pm, the residents of Rayovka village, a man born in 1967, and a woman born in 1963, were killed in land mine blast near the Siverskyi Donets river. This fact is being investigated".

Media: "Until July 28, the Luhanskvoda state unitary enterprise will reduce the supply of water to some towns of the LNR because of the repair of the high-voltage line "Pobeda-Mikhailovka".

Media: "Forty employees of the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant, which was transferred under the external management of the DNR, received membership cards of the public movement "Donetsk Republic". The ceremonial delivery of cards took place on July 17 in the plant’s assembly hall".

"Donetsk City Administration": "From July 10 to 17, 77 children were born in Donetsk: 41 boy and 36 girls".

"Luhansk City Administration": "From July 10 to 16, 87 babies were born in Luhansk: 34 boys and 53 girls".

"The Prosecutor General's Office of the LNR": "A citizen M. was convicted by the Rovenki City Court. During the period from June to August 2016, he illegally offered his services for the re-registration of pension and recourse payments in the territory of Ukraine, without the participation of citizens. Thus, four citizens appealed to the citizen M. to help them re-register their pensions on the territory of Ukraine at their expense. They transferred money to the citizen M. for a total of $1100. Citizen M. committed the appropriation of funds. The court found him guilty, appointing a fine of $470".

Media: "In the LNR, 13 teenagers from areas under Kyiv’s control made a young guards’ vow at a solemn meeting of activists of the youth organization Young Guard, which was held in Krasnodon".

Media: "The Zarya Luhansk Sports Academy announces the recruitment of boys aged 7-14 into specialized soccer groups".

Media: "Employees of the Botanical Gardens of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Moscow State University have transferred more than 220 new types of ornamental plants to the Donetsk Botanical Garden. This was reported by the director of the institution Svetlana Prikhodko".

"Luhansk City Administration": "The administration appeals to the residents of the city with a request to timely arrange the adjacent territories and remove the fallen fruits".