It was forbidden in the "LNR" to carry passengers outside the occupied territory by car 07/11/2017 17:22:15. Total views 1105. Views today — 1.

It was forbidden in the "LNR" to carry passengers outside the occupied Luhansk region by cars that accommodate up to 8 people. This was stated by the so-called "Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of the LNR" Natalia Likhalat at the briefing, - the separatist media report.

"I want to bring to the notice of both carriers and the public that the rules for the provision of passenger motor transport services in the new edition came into effect on July 6. According to these rules for the transportation of citizens, passenger cars on a by-order basis, that is, 8-passenger vehicles have the right to work only within the territory of the Lugansk People's Republic", - she noted.

Carriage of passengers by these means is possible only "in an exceptional case, at the request of government authorities, state enterprises, institutions and organizations – that is, when small delegations and groups are traveling".

Likhalat explained that such restrictions are due to the fact that these vehicles "are not equipped in accordance with international traffic regulations and cannot provide passengers with the necessary comfortable and safe conditions for a long trip".