"Transit through Russia". The "LNR" authorities are outraged by the fact that Ukrainian products are sold in stores 07/10/2017 15:52:34. Total views 1044. Views today — 0.

The authorities of the terrorist "LNR" are outraged by the fact that foodstuffs produced in Ukraine are sold in shops in the occupied territory. This was discussed at a meeting in Luhansk.

"There are Ukrainian trademarks in our stores, such as Obolon, Chernihivske, Veres, etc. There is a suggestion to revise the purchases of goods. It is better to start buying something Russian, Crimean, but not Ukrainian", - one of the participants of the meeting said.

The leader of the “LNR” Igor Plotnitsky demanded that the "customs" explain how they get into the "republic". The self-proclaimed chairman of the State Customs Committee Andrei Karpak explained that they were "officially" brought through the border with Russia.

"(Ukrainian products - OstroV) are officially registered in transit through the Russian Federation, or the production of Belarus is issued under the Ukrainian trademarks. Yes, I confirm that there are such cases", - he said.

Plotnitsky responded to this by proposing to consider this issue at the "Council of Ministers" and, possibly, to ban the supply of Ukrainian products through these channels.