"I have other ways". Yanukovych announces his refusal to participate in treason trial in Ukraine 07/06/2017 12:25:08. Total views 1301. Views today — 0.

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said that he is unwilling to participate in a high treason trial initiated in Ukraine and that he is recalling his lawyers from court. He was quoted by the Russian TASS.

"I don't want to participate in the alleged adversary trial, the outcome of which was determined in advance. I have made a decision to recall my defense team from the proceedings, there is no doubt about their skills, but lawyers are powerless in the country of obliterated justice", - he said.

He reminded that on July 6, yet another court hearing in the Obolonsky court of Kyiv should be held.

Yanukovych "held no illusions about goals and objectives set by the current authorities before the court and knew they would try to achieve them by any means. By handing over the judgment of conviction, accusing me of all past, present and future woes of Ukraine. This is not a trial, but pure profanity. All possible principles and norms of law are violated, the Constitution of Ukraine is grossly violated, procedural norms are completely ignored", - he said.

The ex-president noted that three stages of the process had already passed, in which he did not take part. "My rights were violated from the very beginning, they did not even question me, no one wanted to listen to my testimony. They did not let me see the accusation. The court considered all the materials without my participation, I learned about this from the media", - Yanukovych said, who fled Ukraine 3 years ago.

“Special laws on conviction in absentia were adopted promptly under pressure of Poroshenko to convict me. It's a direct violation of the European Convention on Human Rights", - Yanukovych stated.

Then the former president added, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine compiled an indictment in the shortest possible time, without acquainting with him and without interrogating him, as he repeatedly insisted. “Then, in violation of the law, the composition of the court was appointed, which is under the pressure of the Prosecutor General's Office. In addition, my applications and demands for giving me the opportunity to participate in the trial in videoconference mode were denied", - said the ex-president.

"But how do they want to judge me without receiving any evidence from me or from my witnesses? This clearly confirms the fact of political persecution", - Yanukovych said.

He drew attention to the fact that the Prosecutor General had in fact already named the date of the end of the trial - August 24, 2017 - and that a decision on his life imprisonment would be made.

All the actions of the current authorities are aimed at justifying their own crimes, Yanukovich is sure. "The authorities are trying to hide behind the so-called process, and in fact - to divert attention and hide their own crimes - a coup d'état, the usurpation of power, the loss of territorial integrity", - he said.

According to Yanukovych, Poroshenko and his "criminal friends continue the genocide of their own people". "There is a fratricidal war, and they do nothing to stop it in order to restore the unity of Ukraine peacefully", - the ex-president said.

He called attention to what is happening in Ukraine with inflation and communal tariffs. "Look at the corruption when those who are in power steal billions from the people and even brag about it. Look at unemployment, look at the level of crime", - Yanukovych said and blamed Kyiv. "They are responsible for their deaths and people who have lost their lives without help, because of their fault, life in Ukraine has become unbearably difficult, they want to judge me for this", - he said.

Yanukovych also expressed confidence that "all the verdicts of this criminal power are insignificant". "I'm sure the truth will be established", - the former president said. In his opinion, the organizers of the trial think that they deprived him of the opportunity to convey the truth to the citizens of Ukraine through the court. "I have other ways", - he threatened.

"I withdraw my lawyers from the process, but I do not stop fighting for justice, law and order in Ukraine. I want the citizens of our country to live in peace and be confident in their future, to be proud of their country, raise their children here and feel protected", - Yanukovych concluded with fervor.