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"The DPR Commissioner for Human Rights" Daria Morozova: "On July 5, at the meeting in Minsk it was supposed to achieve the completion of the preparation for the exchange of all established individuals. We carried out a tremendous amount of work to refine the lists. However, the destructive position of the Ukrainian side once again confirmed the reluctance of Kyiv to exchange prisoners. Our delegation was forced to leave the meeting, because the Ukrainian side gave an official refusal to exchange".

Media: "Participants in the Minsk talks expressed their readiness to support the "grain truce" during the meetings of the Contact Group and its sub-working groups. This was announced by the authorized representative of the LPR Vladislav Danego".

"The official representative of the People's Militia of the LPR" Andrei Marochko: "The Ukrainian authorities do not refuse to resolve the conflict in the east of Ukraine by force. So, in order not to allow a reduction in the number of people able to serve in the army, all the participants of the so-called "ATO", both current and former, were put on the lists to prohibit issuing biometric passports and prohibiting them from traveling to EU countries without visas. Now the participants of "ATO", wishing to leave for Europe, are forced to give bribes to the relevant officials in order to somehow delete their data from these lists".

"Operational command of the DPR": "A group of 20 female snipers from Poland arrived in Marinka".

Media: "During the meeting of the Contact Group and its subgroups, the LPR and Kyiv agreed on a mechanism for paying for water supplies to the republic. This was reported by Vladislav Danego. "We managed to find a promising mechanism for mutual settlement for paying for the water, which we are getting from the Ukrainian side. We will try this mechanism", - he said".

"General Director of the Donetsk Republican Universal Scientific Library" Igor Gorbatov: "In the framework of the humanitarian program for the reunification of the Donbass people, the second open literary contest "No oblivion for courage in the Donbass" was launched. It was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Saur-Mogil memorial complex. We invite the inhabitants of the DPR and the Donetsk oblast, controlled by Ukraine, to take part in it".

"MIA of the LPR": "The Ukrainian security forces scatter so-called "passes to Ukraine" in populated areas near the line of contact, in which, they offer soldiers of the People's Militia of the LPR to surrender".

Media: "109 trading outlets in the cities and districts of the DPR have become the property of the state enterprise "Markets of Donbass" since April 2016".

Media: "Representatives of the Republics insist on the speedy conduct of environmental inspections in the territory of the Donbass controlled by Kyiv. This was reported by the representative of the LPR in the humanitarian subgroup of the Contact Group Olga Kobtseva. "We emphasize the importance of the issue of ecology, in particular, the state of the sources of drinking water, most of which are in the territory temporarily controlled by Ukraine", - she said".

Media: "Public and children's libraries of the DPR received 7000 books from Moscow's library institutions and its residents. "Our cooperation with Russia will continue to expand. Today, the librarians establish business ties with colleagues from the Astrakhan and Bryansk regions. This work is carried out as part of the program of integration of the DPR into the cultural space of the Russian Federation", - Vera Krokhmalyuk, Deputy Minister of Culture of the DPR said at the presentation".

Media: "Since the beginning of the year, the DPR's bakery enterprises have baked more than 4000 tons of "social bread" sold in the republic at discounted prices".

Media: "A friendly match between the football team of Donbass and the club from Yasinovata will be held on July 8 in the DPR within the framework of the humanitarian assistance program for compatriots. Sportsmen and fans are invited to participate in the match".

Media: "The NGO Association of Youth of Luhansk Region held a lesson of courage titled Kursk Bulge, timed to the 74th anniversary of the battle".

Media: "The LPR physicians have helped 56 sun-affected patients from all over Luhansk oblast from the beginning of summer".

"Donetsk City Administration": "On July 6, in connection with the repair work, from 9:00 until the completion of the work, the supply of cold water to the consumers of Kalininsky district from Krasnogvardeysky Avenue to Maria Ulyanova Street will be stopped. We ask the inhabitants to make the necessary water supply beforehand".