The "DPR" wants to open restaurants on the "seized" Akhmetov's Donbass Arena. Grass is still there 07/05/2017 15:07:53. Total views 1254. Views today — 0.

The condition of Rinat Akhmetov's Donbass Arena stadium is not ideal. The self-proclaimed "Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism" Mikhail Mishin was forced to recognize that.

"I can say that the state of the football field is not ideal, but not critical", - he told the separatist media.

"Minister" said that there are still remains of lawn grass from the previous owners: "I think it will be enough till the end of the year".

He boasted that they managed to mow the weeds around the stadium.

"The strategy for launching the Donbass Arena will begin with sightseeing tours around the stadium, the restoration of the museum... There are proposals from private entrepreneurs to resume the work of restaurants, fan cafes, and we will consider them", - Mishin said.