The "LPR" said that Ukrainian saboteurs came in the car with Vinnytsia numbers and special signs of the Ukrainian armed forces 07/04/2017 13:03:44. Total views 1087. Views today — 1.

The authorities of the terrorist "LPR" stated that they allegedly managed to neutralize the mine established on the way of the SMM OSCE patrols. This is stated in the message of the so-called "Ministry for state security" of the fake republic.

Militants have traditionally shifted responsibility for the attempted terrorist attack to a certain "Ukrainian sabotage group". As confirmation of this "version", Leonid Pasechnik, who calls himself "the minister for state security", reported that "on June 30, officers of the operational investigation team... discovered a car registered in the Vinnytsia oblast".

"During the inspection of the vehicle, special signs of distinction of the Ukrainian army and a video recorder were found and seized... The materials received from the video device indicate preparations for an attempt on the representatives of the OSCE monitoring mission", - he said.

How the car from central Ukraine could overcome numerous checkpoints of terrorists and get into the territory of the occupied Luhansk oblast, "minister" did not specify. Pasechnik also had no explanation for why "Ukrainian saboteurs" violate the elementary rules of conspiracy so rudely: they ride with the Ukrainian army's identification marks in the occupied territory and record all their actions.