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"Utility company "Water of Donbass": "On July 3, Donetsk filtering station resumed work after a forced two-day downtime. Pumping units are started in order for the system to be filled with water. Drinking water will flow into the reservoirs of Donetsk, Yasynovata, adjoining villages and Avdiivka after carrying out technological work".

Media: "Over 40 Alchevsk graduates from the Donbass State Technical University will receive diplomas from the St. Petersburg Mining University this year. 42 students passed the state final examination in the Russian university in February".

"Traffic police of the DPR": "Since August 1, 2016 more than 77 thousand vehicles have been registered in the Driver Licensing Offices. Since the beginning of 2017, 8358 driver’s licenses have been issued".

"Acting Minister of Health of the DPR" Alexander Oprishchenko: "More than two thousand cancer patients have undergone chemotherapy courses in the DPR clinics since July 2016".

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR": "From July 1 to September 1, the LPR’s MIA conducts a special preventive operation "Stop drugs!". For two months, the public security police of the LPR will strengthen the control over the distribution of narcotic substances in the territory of the republic".

"Donetsk City Administration": "From June 26 and July 3, 106 babies were born in Donetsk: 50 boys and 56 girls".

"Luhansk City Administration": "From June 26 and July 2, 73 babies were born in Luhansk: 40 boys and 33 girls".

Media: "The Ministry of Sport of the DPR invited residents of areas under the control of Kyiv to the republic for competitions and holidays".

Media: "Five students - members of the trade union movement of the Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade went to the youth forum "I am a citizen of the Moscow region" to Russia".

Media: "The Donbass Agrarian Academy, which opens soon, from July 3 began enrolling its future students. The residents of the DPR and the territory controlled by Kyiv were invited to study".

Media: "In the LPR, about three thousand residents of Bryanka took part in an entertainment program dedicated to the Day of Neptune".

"Acting Minister of Natural Resources and Ecological Security of the LPR” Viktor Gribachev: "The ban on hunting in the territory of the LPR, which has been in effect for almost three years, has led to an increase in the number of predatory animals. There is a problem with predators – wolves and foxes. In this regard, specialists in the organization of hunting and forestry intend to regulate their number, using various methods, including shooting".

"Post of Donbass": "Since July 3, Post of Donbass introduces a new service for the purchase of airplane and train tickets. We guarantee the optimal selection of routes at the most favorable prices".