The court allowed trying Yanukovych who is accused of high treason in absentia 06/29/2017 14:00:23. Total views 1125. Views today — 0.

Obolonsky District Court of Kyiv has decided to launch a special judicial proceeding against the former President Viktor Yanukovych. This is reported by Ukrainska Pravda with reference to the statement of the judge.

"The accused not only did not come to the court personally, but also did not take the opportunity to participate via videoconferencing", – judge Vladyslav Deviatko noted.

"The court decided to carry out separate proceedings against Viktor Yanukovych. The decision is not subject to any appeal", – he read out.

The judge motivated his decision by the fact that Yanukovych intentionally avoids the investigation, and is put on the international wanted list.

In turn, the lawyers were indignant that the court did not take their arguments into account. Defender of the former president Vitaliy Serdiuk raised an objection to the actions of the court.

The prosecution on behalf of the state began to read out the indictment against Yanukovych after this.