The "DPR" plans to secretly purchase equipment for mobile communication from the west - Fake minister 06/23/2017 16:28:37. Total views 969. Views today — 0.

The "DPR" said that it would secretly buy missing equipment for the development of their own mobile network, since no one is open to cooperation with terrorists. The plans of conspiratorial purchases were described by Viktor Yatsenko, who calls himself the "Minister of Communication of the DPR”, on the air of one of the separatist channels.

"We are developing the opportunity to acquire secretly (the missing - OstroV) parts of the equipment in Western markets, - he said.

"In a conspiratorial way?", - the host asked. "The Minister" confirmed the fact of planning the bypassing the international law and explained that "none of the major suppliers will openly cooperate with us".

"We had a fruitful dialogue with some producers, but the State Department's hand reached out - people were forced to withdraw their commercial proposals and stop working with us", - Yatsenko complained.