Mines in the occupied territories are transferred for a two-day working week from July 1 - Social networks 06/23/2017 14:25:23. Total views 1086. Views today — 1.

Employees of a number of mines in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast are transferred to a two-day working week from July 1. The miners and their relatives write about it in social networks.

Earlier the Russian "Regnum" reported information referring some source that the occupation "authorities" actually stop the work of "state" mines.

Here's what social network users write:

"Such information was from the authorities",

"Yes, KhB (Kholodnaya balka mine in Makiivka – Ed.) from July 1, but those who want can transfer to Severnaya, - my husband was that told today",

"Yes, today they also hinted at the meeting that we are on a free vacation from July 1st... Kirova! But the most interesting thing is that the boss said was that there is a work plan for July but nobody wants to approve it!",

"They said it officially at the meeting".