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"The head of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky": "Fascism once again lifts its head in Europe. We historically have to be on the front line, preventing the spread of fascism. We must be worthy of the memory of our ancestors. And we will remain standing ".

"Water of Donbass Company public utility": "Pumping station of the 1st level of the Yuzhnodonbass water conduit was de-energized late at night because of hostilities. But the energy men worked quickly and restored everything. Pumping units of the water conduit resumed their operation as per normal".

"Luhanskvoda state-owned enterprise of the LPR": "Water supply in the quarters of Shevchenko, Dimitrov, Heroes of the Brest Fortress, Yeriomenko, Shchorsa and Parkhomenko small towns, the quarter of the 50th anniversary of the USSR formation, the village of the Plant named after October Revolution, 27, 30 quarter, on Kropivnitskogo Street is being suspended in connection with repair work carried out by brigades of the southern administration of Luhanskvoda on a water conduit 800 mm in diameter near the seventh clockhouse of the Plant named after October Revolution. The established schedule of water supply to the specified districts of the city can be violated because of the complexity of the work carried out and the need for a considerable interval of time for discharging water and subsequent filling of the system after completion of the repair work".

Media: "injured servicemen, as well as members of their families and other civilians of the DPR will be able to undergo rehabilitation in a new medical and psychological center which is organized on the basis of the Donetsk Republican Clinical Hospital of Occupational Diseases. This was reported by the head physician of the Center Yelena Liashenko. "In connection with the growing number of diseases and injuries leading to disabilities, especially acute in the context of fighting, it became necessary to cover additional categories of people in need of rehabilitation and create a medical and psychological rehabilitation center", - Liashenko said.

Media: "The LPR Minister of State Security Leonid Pasechnik stated that he was pleased to have his name listed on the Sanctions List of the US Treasury Department. The US Treasury Department had earlier imposed sanctions on a number of the LPR officials. In addition to Pasechnik, the Minister of the Interior Igor Kornet and the Acting Minister of the Council of Ministers Natalia Horsheva made the sanction list. "First of all, I am grateful that my modest contribution to the rescue of the Donbass residents from the war, terror and genocide that the pro-fascist regime of Ukraine has brought here is so highly appreciated in the USA", - Pasechnik said".

Media: "The Interior Minister of the LPR, the Major General of Police Igor Kornet regards the sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department against him as an attempt to "punish the MIA for maintaining law and order in the Republic". "I was somewhat surprised by the official reason why the United States decided to "punish" me – for fulfilling the duties of the Interior Minister of the LPR, issuing passports to the population and asserting the right of the Luhansk people for self-determination", - Kornet noted.

Media: "Complex archaeological, historical and ethnographic expedition will take place in Obryv village of the Novoazovsk district in the period from July 1 to September 15, 2017. Specialists of the Donetsk Republican Museum of Local Lore will continue the exploration of multilayered settlement located near the above-noted village. The work of the expedition involves participation of three researchers living in the territory of Donetsk oblast, temporarily controlled by Ukraine".

Media: "Fifty employees of three energy enterprises of Donbass with external management – High-Voltage Networks, Energougol mobile electric power station and Donetskoblenergo – joined the "Donetsk Republic" social movement. The ceremony of presenting membership cards took place in the capital of the DPR".

Media: "The leader of the "Young Republic" Donetsk social organization Nikita Kiosev went to Russia to the "I am a citizen of the Moscow region" youth forum to participate in the "Youth leaders. Youth self-government" topic".

"Donetsk City Administration": "On June 16-18, the official delegation of Donetsk visited the "Kursk Korenskaya Fair-2017 "interregional universal wholesale and retail fair in the town of Svobody of the Zolotukhinsk district of the Kursk oblast (the Russian Federation). The governor of the Kursk oblast Alexander Mikhailov hospitably and cordially greeted the delegation of the Donetsk City Administration consisting of: Maxim Boykov, the Deputy Head of the Donetsk City Administration, Oksana Petrova, the Head of the Administration of Finance of the Donetsk City Administration and Aliona Eliosidze, the Head of the Culture Department of the Donetsk City Administration".

"The LPR Prosecutor General's Office": "It has been established that officials of the Sverdlovsk City Branch of the Red Cross Society non-governmental organization, using their official position, appropriated humanitarian aid in the form of food and hygiene kits in the amount of 116 pieces from February 22 to March 14, 2017, which was intended for invalids and socially unprotected citizens of various categories, thereby committed thievery for a total of $1900".

Media: "According to the data of the Antratsyt interdistrict management for the operation of gas supply facilities of the branch of the Luhanskgaz state-owned enterprise, there is a debt of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for natural gas in the amount of $2.25 million on the territory of the city of Antratsyt and the Antratsyt district".

"The Acting Minister of Health of the LPR" Gennadiy Bunieyev: "The Republic is provided with vaccine for combating botulism".

"Donetsk City Administration": "The Acting Head of the Donetsk City Administration Aleksey Kulemzin paid a working visit to the Animals in the City public utility. There are 249 dogs in the territory of the public utility at the moment. Aleksey Kulemzin looked at the conditions of keeping animals, how vaccination, sterilization and chipping are made and discussed the pressing issues and ways to solve them with the company's management".