Half of the "DPR" deputies are outright bandits who should be put into prison – militant Khodakovsky 06/16/2017 15:00:43. Total views 1089. Views today — 0.

The so-called "ruling elite" of the self-proclaimed "DPR" consists of at least half of the outright criminals, what is extremely damaging to the image of the "republic". Such a statement was made by the creator of the Vostok terrorist battalion Alexander Khodakovskiy during his Internet conference.

"People are looking at us and draw the appropriate conclusions…. We do not attract, but turn off… We see that half of our deputy corps are outright criminals who should be put into prison. They keep people in basements, not letting them go, they are engaged in banditry and grab something… in the name of their self-interests. They are scoundrels and rascals".

"Those people who control the processes just there (in the "DPR" – OstroV) - they are all criminals and traitors. They will need to be localized in course of time, one way or another. These people are incapable of governing the state, they are incapable of a sound decision. They are already corrupted. They are used to this system, they are only need to be taken away. There will be no any other ways and forms of fighting against them", - Khodakovsky is sure.

"They must answer in law for everything they did. They must be eliminated from power as far as possible. Specific changes are imminent, they are needed, badly needed", - he concluded.