Mother of the disappeared in Donetsk journalist stopped communicating - Firsov 06/15/2017 13:10:47. Total views 1128. Views today — 0.

The mother of the journalist Stanislav Vasin, who disappeared in Donetsk (the real last name is Aseev), stopped contacting anyone. The former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Yehor Firsov said this on the air of the program "Radio Donbass.Realii".

"We could reach her until a certain moment, then she stopped picking up the phone. Journalists and public organizations called her to find out what to do, but the connection was lost. It's hard to guess, but I think she can be under certain pressure", - he said.

According to him, Vasin's mother was the only communicator in the occupied territory.

"For the time being, his mother was the only communicator on that territory, because it was necessary to  write a statement to the so-called "law enforcement agencies", the Red Cross, the OSCE, and I told her that she must go and state firmly: she is his mother. They will believe it and will start doing something”, - Firsov told.

Yehor Firsov reported on June 6 that journalist and writer Stanislav Vasin was missing in Donetsk, the SBU confirmed that.

According to him, the police opened a proceeding on the disappearance of a Ukrainian journalist in occupied Donetsk.

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine called on the OSCE to search for the journalist.

On June 14, the international organization Reporters Without Borders called for the release of Stanislav Vasin.