Border is locked tight! The "LPR" boasted they seized contraband cigarettes from the "DPR" 06/12/2017 17:43:59. Total views 1123. Views today — 0.

Employees of the so-called "financial police of the State Committee of Taxes and Charges of the LPR" and "MIA" of the illegal "LPR" said they seized 85 thousand packs of tobacco products and two cars from smugglers.

In the message of "financial police" it is noted that "two cars with a large consignment of illegally imported tobacco products were detained on the road in Lutuginsky district".

The comedy of the situation lies in the fact that smuggling into the occupied part of the Luhansk oblast was attempted from the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast.

"At night, smugglers tried to transport on two minibuses 20 000 packs of tobacco products that had no excise labels of the LPR and 65 000 packs of tobacco products with excise labels of the DPR", - the "department" reported.

As previously reported, a customs border has been established between the “DPR” and “LPR”. The free movement of goods from one terrorist republic to another is not allowed.