Problems with mobile network MTS-Ukraine in the occupied Donbass 06/08/2017 11:05:06. Total views 1174. Views today — 0.

Malfunctions in the work of the mobile operator MTS-Ukraine began on Wednesday evening in the occupied territory of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. This was stated by the so-called "Minister of Communication of the DPR" Viktor Yatsenko.

"Today (June 7 - OstroV) in the evening in the territory of Ukraine in the Marinka area, there was a diversion - the transport cables of the MTS were cut", - he said.

Yatsenko added that a similar situation is taking place in the occupied part of the Luhansk oblast, where the mobile operator MTS-Ukraine also experienced disruptions.

"The cables were also cut in the vicinity of the town Shchastya. Diversions occurred at one time", - Yatsenko said.

The "Minister of Communication" did not specify why the Ukrainian side cut the communication cables of the operator working in free territory and having the opportunity to safely disconnect the occupied territories without any "diversions".

As of Thursday morning, the situation with mobile communications has partially improved. Subscribers of MTS-Ukraine from the occupied territories say that they can already call to each other.