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The representative of Donbass Water Company public utility: "The water conduit No 14 of the Donetsk Filter Station suffered heavy damages as a result of shelling. It provides water to Donetsk and is one of the key. In this connection, the work of the filter station itself was suspended. Water supply in Donetsk has significantly decreased at the present time. Specialists of the enterprise assess the damage and take measures to restore the water conduit".

"The DPR Operational Command": "The next ceasefire in the Donbass, which started from midnight on June 1, is generally observed by the Ukrainian party. At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine uses inactivity in order to prepare various provocations on the territory of the republic".

Media: "A joint training of the command and control organizations, units of the armed forces, the MSS and the MIA on increasing the level of security started in the DPR. This was stated by the head of the DPP Alexander Zakharchenko. He explained such measures by the threat of preparation and realization of sabotage and terrorist acts by Ukraine in the territory of the DPR".

Media: "The Board of the Supreme Court of the DPR recognized the "Security and Cooperation in Ukraine" non-governmental organization of the "Stopterror" Ukrainian project as extremist and banned its activities in the state. In addition, the court recognized the book "Why do we want an independent Ukraine" (1994) of Ukrainian publicist Stepan Rudnytskyi as extremist, banning its publication and distribution in the republic".

"The Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the LPR" Lidia Fomenko: "Potential investors from the Russian Federation are interested in creating a rubbish recycling plant on the territory of the republic".

Media: "The traffic police of the MIA of the DPR issued 100 thousand license plates of the republican type for two years. "The registration of transport with the receipt of registration documents and license plates of the DPR type is a vital necessity today, a matter of national importance", - the MIA noted".

Media: "Memorial sculpture "To children of Donbass, to children of war" was opened on June 1 in the Donetsk park of the Lenin Komsomol. The event was attended by the human rights commissioner in the DPR Daria Morozova, the Italian journalist and writer Marinella Mondaini, the public figure from the Russian Federation Dmitriy Melnikov, as well as more than one hundred children of different ages. Balloons of the flag of the DPR colors were in the hands of the guys".

Media: "Specialists of Luhanskvoda state-owned enterprise of the LPR registered more than 250 illegal connections to the water supply system in the cities and districts of the republic since early 2017".