Putin, help! Donetsk separatist Tatiana Marmazova was detained in Tula and is to be deported to Ukraine 05/29/2017 17:56:48. Total views 982. Views today — 0.

Former pro-rector of Donetsk National University, an active supporter of Donetsk separatism Tatiana Marmazova was detained in Tula (Russia) for violating migration legislation. This was written by her husband Ruslan Marmazov on his Facebook page.

"At this moment, terrible iniquity is going on. My wife was dragged to Tula court and will be expelled to Ukraine. I'm asking all those who know for concernment. May God keep you safe. Glory to Donbass!", - he wrote.

Ruslan Marmazov, who is also an active separatist, is in Tula too. Marmazov writes that he was detained "for resistance to the police".

"Black treachery crept into serious ranks, I hope only for Vladimir Putin", - he wrote. "We were looking for the truth, we were going through the courts, we prayed, apparently not enough", - complained former FC Shakhtar spokesman.

At the same time, Marmazov explained the fact that his wife prefers not to live in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast, but in Russia by the fact that her "holy fathers and mothers did not bless that". "Why Tanya is in Moscow and not in Donetsk and is communicating with her students via Skype? She cannot come. The Holy Fathers and Mothers did not bless that, they say, it is dangerous", - he wrote on his website.