It is whispered in the CDDO that a week was given to the market sellers for the sale of Ukrainian goods – social networks 05/26/2017 16:15:14. Total views 887. Views today — 0.

Residents of the territory of the Donetsk oblast controlled by militants report that a week was given to sellers at the markets for the sale of Ukrainian goods. This is written by the users of social networks, noting that most "documents" are not made public by the "authorities", but there are "hundreds of examples that gossip in the DPR is much more informative than official sources".

It was reported earlier that the occupation "authorities" of the CDDO had prohibited the import of goods from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

Here is what people write in social networks (orthography and punctuation of authors are saved):

"Had anyone heard of the fact that a week was given to the market sellers for the sale of Ukrainian goods. They are supposed to be confiscated then, aren't they? So, who has the favorite products - on your marks, there is still a week. I am not going to comment, it is useless. The coal is suitable for trade and juice with cheese is not. Such a thing",

"yes, have talked yesterday about the same thing at the local market",

"Nonsense! If it is imported officially with the payment of all customs payments, what right do they have? Well, if there is contraband and no documents I will not be surprised of withdrawal",

" Contest - whose idiocy is stronger? Holy crap…",

"Read the original sources at least sometimes! The ban concerns the CROSSING of Ukrainian goods imported for commercial purposes (!) through the LINE OF DEMARCATION. This DOES NOT CONCERN the goods from Ukraine, imported across the border with the Russian Federation (re-export)!",

"Time will tell. Having known how the Ministry of Inland Revenue apparatus works, I am not surprised by anything ",

 "Sometimes gossip appears before the source! It was "gossiped" at the customs about the prohibition of crossing in April! We did not believe, but in vain! So the educated people sometimes need to listen to gossips, maybe, the document will appear in a month!",

"I believe that this information will soon be confirmed. The situation from my commentary above concerns a small market in Makiivka. This is a verbal instruction for now - to sell the Ukrainian-made goods. A friend has a shop with confectionery at the market. She had already noticed that it is difficult to find cigarettes of the Ukrainian origin. I do not know as I do not smoke. But I think that this "gossip" has an economic justification",

" what exciting trade wars…".