Tuesday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 05/24/2017 11:17:24. Total views 1454. Views today — 0.

"LPR state unitary enterprise Luhanskvoda": "For almost three weeks Ukraine does not supply water to the LPR from the water intakes controlled by it".

Media: "The Council of Ministers of the LPR prohibited the alienation of land. This was reported by the chairman of the State Committee for Land Relations, Marina Pushkarskaya. "We have established a ban on the alienation of land owned by individuals and legal entities for the conduct of commodity agricultural production, personal farming, personal subsidiary farming, including land shares, except for their inheritance, barter or seizure for state needs in accordance with the law", - Pushkarskaya said".

Media: "Eighty five residents from the territory of the Donetsk oblast controlled by Kyiv have registered to receive medical assistance in the framework of the DPR’s humanitarian program. This was reported by. Minister of Health of the republic Alexander Oprishchenko".

Media: "The Supreme Court of the DPR has accepted a criminal case on members of an armed criminal group that robbed and abducted people on the territory of the republic. This was reported by Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court Dmitry Eremin. "I would like to draw attention to the criminal case on charges of ten persons who, according to the accusation, using the situation created in connection with the hostilities, committed crimes under the guise of the public organization Oblast Voiska Donskogo", - Eremin said".

"Donetsk City Administration": "On May 23, a meeting of the administration of Donetsk was held. It was led by the acting head of the administration of Donetsk Alexei Kulemzin. The question "On the execution of the city budget in the 2nd quarter of 2017" was considered first. In addition, the subscription campaign for the newspaper Donetsk Vecherniy, the state of public order in the city and new legislative acts were discussed".

Media: "The thirty-fifth single-time assistance from the DPR to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War from the territory of the Donetsk region controlled by Kyiv was issued today by the employees of the Center for Social Assistance and Administrative Services near the checkpoint Alexandrovka".

Media: "On May 24, a delegation from the DPR will take part in the Fifth Patriotic Youth Forum in St. Petersburg".

Media: "The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of the LPR issued 31 special permits for the implementation of travel agency activities to legal and physical entrepreneurs".

Media: "The contest of the waste paper gathering united students from 140 educational institutions in Donetsk. In its framework, more than 50 tons of paper were collected".